Summit Tennis Association
Summit Tennis Association


Although Summit holds the historical distinction as the hometown of Bill Larned, a seven time US Open champion at the turn of the last century, it seemed that our community’s association with tennis greatness had long been forgotten A decade ago tennis activity in Summit, NJ, a suburban community of 20,000 had hit a 20 year low. Six of the city’s 16 public courts had been allowed to deteriorate to the point that they were deemed dangerous and unplayable. The gates to the courts were padlocked shut and access to the courts was denied.

The wake-up call – In 1999, when the Board of Recreation suddenly announced plans to demolish the six tennis courts, a group of concerned citizens formed our grass roots organization to grow back the game of tennis for our community.

Today our organization has grown as more volunteers offer their expertise and share their passion for the game by developing and organizing a wide array of ongoing and seasonal programs for those just starting out in the game to those more experienced looking for new opportunities to play.

The sole purpose of the Summit Tennis Association has been to serve the community by promoting tennis as a lifetime sport through programs targeted to all ages and skill levels.

William Augustus Larned (1872 – 1926)

Summit, NJ - Home of Bill Larned - Tennis Champ

William Augustus Larned US Open
US Open
Tennis Champion

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